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Information From a Range of Sources


GRID aggregates information from a comprehensive range of trusted sources, combined with expert oversight. As a trusted fixture in the online safety space for the past decade, FOSI has been able to utilize its convening power and connections with leaders in the field to create a network of experts in every region of the globe.

As part of the new launch, we brought together a team of experts to provide oversight and guidance for key countries across every region.

  • Armando Novoa Foglio, Alianza por la Seguridad en Internet (Online Safety Alliance)
  • Brian O’Neill, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • John Shehan, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
  • Jim Teicher, CyberSmart Africa
  • Amanda Third, University of Western Sydney and the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre

Additionally, the support and reach of UNICEF’s partnership has allowed the project to connect with community-based initiatives and provide a cultural context to the educational, legislative and regulatory approach of many countries that will be seen for the first time.

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Help us update GRID and keep it current

At its core, GRID is a collaborative effort. To maintain the currency of our data and facilitate global information sharing, we encourage experts and friends in the field to keep us informed of their work and submit any new research, reports or initiatives for consideration.

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