Children learn about Internet safety in schools, although Saskatchewan differs from most provinces in that individual districts have purchased different resources from Media Awareness Network, rather than purchases being made by the Ministry of Education.

Legislation relating to criminal law is controlled at a federal level in Canada and so all laws detailed in the Legislation section of the Canada Government page would apply within Saskatchewan.

The nonprofit organization, Child Find Saskatchewan, provides Internet safety presentations to schools and community groups on request.

2003 - The Saskatchewan Department of Education published Information and Communication Technology Skill Checkpoints was published and include a section on online safety.

2013 - The Ministry of Education developed an Action Plan to Address Bullying and Cyberbullying, which outlines a specific definition of cyberbullying, assesses the need for provincial legislative action and identifies the role that schools should play.

2013 - The Ministry published Technology in Education Framework, which outlines specific expectations, supportive strategies, and roles and responsibilities to provide direction for the use of technology within the Saskatchewan education system. The Framework has resulted in an ongoing effort to support Digital Fluency in education curricula.

Ongoing - Individual school districts in Saskatchewan have purchased licenses for Media Awareness Network’s digital literacy tutorials Passport to the Internet, My World and Web Awareness Workshop Series for all publicly funded schools.

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Education has a number of tailored resources for educators, families, children, and youth about bullying and cyberbullying. Bullying and cyberbullying are also covered in Saskatchewan’s Health Education curriculum.

While Saskatchewan does support distance learning, it is delivered by individual school districts and other providers. Students can register individually through a centralized hub.

Child Find Saskatchewan

Child Find Saskatchewan is a charitable organization which exists primarily to locate missing children, but which also conducts awareness-raising activities on the topics of personal and Internet safety.

I Am Stronger

An organization run by SaskTel that is dedicated to fighting bullying and cyberbullying.

Media Literacy Saskatchewan

A Special Subject Council of the Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation that supports teachers who wish to teach media literacy skills in the classroom.

Saskatchewan Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) Unit

Saskatchewan Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) Unit Saskatchewan ICE is operated by the Criminal Investigations Division of the Regina Police Department and brings together members of all the forces which operate across the province, including the RCMP.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Education

The ministry emphasizes the use of technology in the classroom while supporting digital fluency, developed ICT Skill Checkpoints, and supports distance learning.

Saskatoon Sexual Assault & Information Centre

The organization’s mission is to contend with sexual violence and its effects upon individuals and the community. They have specific resources that deal with Internet safety.


A Saskatchewan full service communications provider that is active in the internet safety space.

This section contains details of the province’s laws as they relate to sexual offenses, children and the use of the Internet in the commission of criminal activity. Where possible, sentence details have been given, including whether an increased custodial penalty is imposed where the victim is a child.

Criminal law is defined at a federal level in Canada and so no local laws exist within Saskatchewan which would be relevant to online safety.