The Canadian Centre For Child Protection was originally founded as Child Find Manitoba. In 1999, the Canadian Centre identified the need to establish a reporting mechanism for online crime. In 2002, the Government of Manitoba launched as a pilot project. In 2004, the Government of Canada recognized as the national tipline for online crime. The Province of Manitoba continues to provide financial support to

In 2008, Internet safety brochures (aimed at three different age-groups of children) were distributed in schools to mark Safer Internet Day. Safer Internet Day campaigns are now run by the Canadian Centre at a national level and their campaigns operate within Manitoba.

ICT literacy is a cross-curricular activity and children are taught about safe, responsible and ethical Internet use. There is also a handbook for parents. Each school district has made their own purchasing decisions as to which Media Awareness Network resources to purchase for their schools.

2012 - The Safe Schools Advisory Council was convened by SafeSchools Manitoba to bring together members of the government, teachers, and parents to provide advice and recommendations to SafeSchools, identify concerned related to bullying and Internet safety, and provide consultation to the government in the development of policies, procedures, and initiatives that affect safe schools.

Ongoing - The Manitoba Department of Education has implemented a comprehensive “Literacy with ICT Across the Curriculum” continuum framework, which includes resources for parents, school leaders, and parents on how ICT will be utilized, ethical and responsible use of ICT, and how to be a good digital citizen. There are also guides for ICT use by school year. Manitoba Education also has a system for online distance learning.

Certain publicly funded school districts have licensed Media Awareness Network’s digital literacy tutorials Passport to the Internet and MyWorld.

Freeze Frame

This children’s film festival offers a regular media literacy workshop.

Manitoba Education

The Department of Education has information for parents and teachers about the integration of ICT into school curricula and about distance education.

SafeSchools Manitoba

Safe Schools Manitoba is a partnership initiative of organizations committed to working together to enhance the safety of schools and communities in Manitoba and has specific resources for parents about cyberbullying.

Tracia's Trust

This is phase two of the Manitoba Strategy Responding to Children and Youth at Risk of, or Survivors of, Sexual Exploitation.

This section contains details of the province’s laws as they relate to sexual offenses, children and the use of the Internet in the commission of criminal activity. Where possible, sentence details have been given, including whether an increased custodial penalty is imposed where the victim is a child.

Legislation relating to criminal law is controlled at a federal level in Canada. All laws detailed in the Legislation section of the Canadian Federal government page would apply within Alberta.