The Government of Alberta Department of Human Services has created a number of Internet Safety programs with Internet safety information for families; a site for teens on online luring and Bad Guy Patrol, an interactive site for children aged between five and ten. Bad Guy Patrol was launched in 2006 as part of a $400,000 spend on awareness-raising activities related to child sexual exploitation, along with cinema adverts for the website which ran throughout December, 2006.

The Alberta government has also developed a number of new resources to learn how to handle bullying, which includes cyberbullying. Younger children can learn how to handle bullying by visiting Team Heroes while older children can learn how to stand up to and stop bullying by visiting B-Free. Alberta also provides a toll-free phone number for anyone needing immediate information and support.

2013 - The Ministry of Education developed the Learning and Technology Policy framework that “describes Alberta Education’s vision for the role of technology in education and establishes a set of Policy Directions for school authorities.” The framework is an recent update to the original 2004 document. There is also a technology section in the Alberta Education website.

Ongoing - In partnership with the Alberta Teachers’ Association, the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta and the College of Alberta School Superintendents, the Alberta government supports, which is a collection of digital literacy resources for K-12 students and teachers. The Alberta Government also has an Internet Savvy Training Program for individuals or groups.

The Alberta Human Services has resources for families to protect themselves online and launched a series of tools for the 2015 Safer Internet Day.

Alberta Education has a set of outcomes for teachers using ICT, which has specific goals for each division. Alberta Education also licensed Media Awareness Network’s digital literacy tutorials Passport to the Internet and MyWorld for all publicly funded schools.

Alberta Association for Media Awareness

AAMA is a non-profit association dedicated to providing education, information and leadership in promoting and improving mass media awareness and mass media education in homes, schools, colleges, universities, private sector and workplaces across Alberta.

Alberta Education

Alberta Education is responsible for all levels of education within the province. Its Technology section contains best practice for schools, as well as information on the safety resources available to schools.

Bad Guy Patrol

Sponsored by Alberta Human Services, this website teaches children how to spot “bad guys on the Internet” by playing games and earning badges.

S-TEAM Heroes

Sponsored by Alberta Human Services, S-TEAM Heroes teaches teenagers about bullying through an interactive game.


Sponsored by Alberta Human Services, wereon2u teaches kids how to spot online predators.

Your Insights on Social Media in Alberta (2013)

Insights West, 6S Marketing

An online poll surveyed 831 Albertan adults regarding their social media use.

OmniAlberta January 2006 Survey (2006)

Alberta Government

The subject of this survey is a range of Internet safety topics and measures perceived risk among respondents.

This section contains details of the province’s laws as they relate to sexual offenses, children and the use of the Internet in the commission of criminal activity. Where possible, sentence details have been given, including whether an increased custodial penalty is imposed where the victim is a child.

Legislation relating to criminal law is controlled at a federal level in Canada. All laws detailed in the Legislation section of the Canadian Federal government page would apply within Alberta.